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Use --border-label instead of --prompt (thoughts?)
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bash and zsh key bindings for Git objects, powered by fzf.


Each binding will allow you to browse through Git objects of a certain type, and select the objects you want to paste to your command-line.


  1. Install the latest version of fzf
    • (Optional) Install bat for syntax-highlighted file previews
  2. Source file from your .bashrc or .zshrc


  • List of bindings
    • CTRL-GCTRL-F for Files
    • CTRL-GCTRL-B for Branches
    • CTRL-GCTRL-T for Tags
    • CTRL-GCTRL-R for Remotes
    • CTRL-GCTRL-H for commit Hashes
    • CTRL-GCTRL-S for Stashes
    • CTRL-GCTRL-E for Each ref (git for-each-ref)

    ⚠️ You may have issues with these bindings in the following cases:

    • CTRL-GCTRL-B will not work if CTRL-B is used as the tmux prefix
    • CTRL-GCTRL-S will not work if flow control is enabled, CTRL-S will freeze the terminal instead
      • (stty -ixon will disable it)

    To workaround the problems, you can use CTRL-G{key} instead of CTRL-GCTRL-{KEY}.

  • Inside fzf
    • TAB or SHIFT-TAB to select multiple objects
    • CTRL-/ to change preview window layout
    • CTRL-O to open the object in the web browser (in GitHub URL scheme)


# Redefine this function to change the options
_fzf_git_fzf() {
  fzf-tmux -p80%,60% -- \
    --layout=reverse --multi --height=50% --min-height=20 --border \
    --border-label-pos=2 \
    --color='header:italic:underline,label:blue' \
    --preview-window='right,50%,border-left' \
    --bind='ctrl-/:change-preview-window(down,50%,border-top|hidden|)' "$@"

Defining shortcut commands

Each binding is backed by _fzf_git_* function so you can do something like this in your shell configuration file.

gco() {
  local selected=$(_fzf_git_each_ref --no-multi)
  [ -n "$selected" ] && git checkout "$selected"